Report Scheduler



The Report Scheduler allows the user to automatically generate reports about network performance based on a fixed schedule. The tool include functions to call other applications, like Call Analyzer to process data, at predefined times and to save or email the generated reports. Included is also an alarm module that will automatically send an alert in case that certain performance threshold has been crossed.

The tool is independent of protocol analyzers and thus allow you to use your current probes to make an automatic reporting and alarming system without investing in new analyzers.

Key benefits

The reports can be based on specific events, specific transactions or delay/latency to give the complete picture of the network performance

Key Features

The reports are based on CDRs generated by Call Analyzer where the user freely can define the contents of the CDRs based on any transaction in the network. The Report Scheduler allows the user to define any query in the CDRs to make any kind of reports based on any parameters or sequence of messages within the transaction.

The reports can ether be saved on the local server or send by email or FTP.

Presentation of results

For each result in the requested report the user can define what counters or values to include in it as well as how the results should be presented.


The Alert module allows the user to only receive a warning, e.g. via email, in case that a performance threshold has been crossed. Such alerts can be general e.g. if call drop rate exceed x% or location updated success rate drops below x%, or they can be very specific such as if call release for a certain cause value exceed a certain level or if location update success rate  for one or more roaming partners drop below a certain value.

Defining reports

Once all the requested results have been defined the user can generate a report template in MS Word that contains all the needed tables and graphs. The MS Word document can contain all ordinary text, logo, file header etc. and a simple tag is inserted where each graph or table should be placed within the document.