IuB Analyzer



The UMTS IuB Analyzer gives you a complete overview of the performance of your UMTS UTRAN. It is the perfect tool for analysis of the Quality of Service, trouble shooting, reporting, traffic analysis and analysis of performance of the radio network.


Key Features

Based on a CDR file generated with Call Analyzer the UMTS IuB Analyzer builds a database where all information about calls and transactions are saved. By using the database the UMTS IuB analyzer can generate reports for e.g. throughput per cell or per subscriber, radio level per cell, radio bearer setup per domain etc. Combined with a vide range of filters for subscribers, cells, path ID, IP address, domain etc. any activity can be analyzed either for the entire network or for a specific part of the network.

The UMTS IuB Analyzer can also generate a user-defined web based report including all graphs and tables selected by the user thus enabling automatic report generation without opening the SW.

From any graph or table it is possible to zoom into details of the activities behind the statistic or by a simple double click to get the complete call trace call or transaction in question thus making the UMTS IuB analyzer the perfect tool not only for analysing network performance but also for trouble shooting.

Analysis of UTRAN performance

Features for analysis of UTRAN performance include analysis of common and dedicated measurement reports, link setup and deletion as well as cell setup. Each of the functions includes reports and statistics not only for e.g. the measurement values but also for initialising the measurement reports.

Functions for measurement reports include display over time of received wide band power, transmitted carrier power, SIR error value as well as number of active calls.

For further details the measurement reports can be shown per measurement object, per measurement type etc.

Alcap procedures

The UMTS IuB Analyzer can also make reports and statistics for the different functions of the network like e.g. Alcap that is responsible for setting up channels. The many different reports for the Alcap functionality include analysis of Alcap establishment per channel and path ID as well as delay measurements for establishment of channels.

In case that establishments are suffering from a long delay or other problems are found a single double click takes you to the complete call trace for the transaction in question thus allowing detailed analysis of how the malfunction of the Alcap establishment is handled by e.g. the RRC call setup procedure.

RRC based functionality

The UMTS IuB Analyzer include several features for analysis of the many network functions that are handled by  the RRC protocol such as call establishment, radio bearer setup and security mode settings. Each of the features includes analysis of delay, failures or rejects etc.

RRC call establishment can be sorted and analysed e.g. per cell, per establishment cause, as number of active calls over time, per reject cause etc.

Security mode setting allows verification per domain, per integrity algorithm as well as detailed delay measurements for the security mode setting.