Roaming Analyzer



Based on protocol data from the A interface (and optionally from Gb and MAP interfaces) the Roaming Analyzer allows complete analysis of all roaming activities in your network. It is the ideal tool for generating reports about roaming activities as well as for trouble shooting roaming problems in the network. Where most tools for roaming analysis can only generate predefined reports, the Roaming Analyzer allow you to combine different filters to find out exactly where the roaming problems are in the network. If more details are required, a single click gets you back to Call Analyzer on the first message of the transaction in question.


Key Features

Based on a CDR file generated with Call Analyzer the Roaming Analyzer builds a database containing all relations between IMSI and TMSI thus allowing the tool to define if an activity in the network is generated by a home subscriber or a roamer. The unique feature of Roaming Analyzer to scan the network activities both forward and backward also allow it to find if a  roamer has been in the network before, and if so where the roamer was lost to a competitor's network. With this database and the possibility for Call Analyzer to measure delay times as well as calling times any report or graph can be generated to show roaming activities or to show exactly where in the network there are roaming problems.

Any report or graph can be filtered either on the home network, the latest network the subscriber was active in or the cell or LAC for the activities. This flexibility allows any analysis to be performed.

Incoming roamers

The flexibility of the Roaming Analyzer allows the user both to make overall reports about incoming roaming activities and to make detailed analysis of where the roamers enter the network, where the roamers are from and where they enter from competitor's networks.

The above figure shows the distribution of roamers per cell and the success rate per cell. By applying filters to this graph the user can e.g. find out:

Loosing roamers

Loosing roamers to competitor's networks is a problem that is very hard to identify without Roaming Analyzer. Most operators spend a lot of efforts in having perfect coverage in the areas where roamers are expected to enter the network, but that may very well be wasted if the roamers are lost again shortly after they have entered the network.

The unique feature of Roaming Analyzer allows you to detect this problem. The Roaming Analyzer keep track of the last cell where each roamer was active and compare it with the Cancel location to see if the roamers was lost to a competitor. In addition the Roaming Analyzer also keep track of roamers that has been lost and are re-entering your network again.

Calling times

The Roaming Analyzer allow an in depth analysis of called minutes per cell or per roaming partner. All graphs can be sorted in mobile terminating call and mobile originating calls, and if required you can use any of the filters for Cell ID, neighbours or Home networks.

Subscriber trace and call details

In order to follow the activities from a single subscriber you can double click on a CDR and will now get a list of all activities from the subscriber in question.

If more details are required a double click on one of the activities will take you to Call Analyzer where you will see a call trace for that specific call or transaction.