GB 5.20 - 27.12.2008
-Improved handling of affected CDR function

GB 5.18 - 01.06.2008
-Introduction of "Show Selected Row's CDRs Only" setting.When it is enabled,only the affected CDRs where the row is selected shown on the grid

GB 5.17 - 18.03.2008
-After Scan Trace File With CA function used,CDR is processed automatically
-Session ID assignments were wrong for Gn,Gp interface due to an internal bug.It has been fixed
-Addition of "Top 20 Sessions with highest TCP Retransmission" function
-Filters panel moved into a different panel to have a better overview on filters

GB 5.16 - 18.03.2008
- Update to handle new protocol versions

GB 5.15 - 15.03.2008
- Additional references in setup files and improved handling of streaming.

GB 5.13 - 31.10.2007
- Improved handling of user defined queries.

GB 5.11 - 17.07.2007
- Additional issues with handling of big record files are solved.

GB 5.9 - 04.06.2007
- Issue with handling of big record files are solved. When analyzing big record files MySQL must be used as DB engine (default in both setup file and GB Analyzer).

GB 5.7 - 03.04.2007
-In Gb over IP setup file instead of Tcp Sequence Number Tcp Ack Number has been exported for DL DTGR message,it has been fixed

GB 5.6 - 12.03.2007
-Addition of TCP Sequence Number For A Session in UL and DL over time functions for Gb interface

GB 5.3 - 03.02.2007
-Problem with Alias definition for Gi interface has been corrected

GB 5.2 - 21.01.2007
-Added Gb(ciphered),Gb over IP (ciphered) and Gb from Ericsson SGSN (ciphered) stacks are added into Scan With CA function

GB 5.1 - 04.11.2006
-"Define DB Fields" function(where user needs to load related cds file) has been removed.Tool itself detects and loads
required .cds file
-"Scan Trace File With CA" function has been introduced.By this function user can scan and produce CDR without opening CallAnalyzer
i.e. CallAnalyzer works have been done by Gb Analyzer instead of user
-Macros should be re-written (if there is already)