Call Analyzer - 02.03.2010
- New parameter Current_Message_Hour_Value added

Call Analyzer - 30.01.2009
- Problem with decode of messages with more operation codes fixed

Call Analyzer - 13.10.2008
- Fix for GSM Analyzer to processes abis link included
- New decode instructions for SIP protocol

Call Analyzer - 16.05.2008
- Ethereal Converter to handle VLAN layer on top of Ethernet
- Ethereal COnverter: when any decoding type is passed as cmdline parameter,
message decoding is automatically activated
- RecordFileAccess: correct closing of copy within Read class
- ABis converter: throw error with proper exception type
- writing Ocean file with additional frame types other than data frames

Call Analyzer - 16.05.2008
- add OPW extension as record file type when opening file with CA
- in parameter info, value not accepted if parameter size is 31 or 32 bit
- protocol editor: do not allow changing stack pages during processing
- user definition of stack group id, default = stack group file name
- new version 4 of all stacks
- string from local int variable leads to compiler crash, update compiler
and decoder (short, long)

Call Analyzer - 03.03.2008
- for string parameters within message events the operator 'Contains' ("[with]")
  and 'Does not contain' ("[without]") is introduced in addition to
  the normal 'Equal' ("=") operator
- protection of user setup by means of a password under menu 'Options'

Call Analyzer - 25.02.2008
- view local time is completely obsolete
- all timestamp conversions without using mktime(),localtime(),gmtime() etc. to avoid timeshift
- extend max number of specs from 100 to 120
- change max number of links from 1024 to 2048
- input for search parameter does not work for parameter type string

Call Analyzer - 12-12-2007
- initialize SnoopMode in ethereal converter

Call Analyzer - - 06-12-2007
- change FileInfo.TypeName from char* to AnsiString to avoid overflow
- change max number of specs from 75 to 100
- change max links per spec from 30 to 40
- acterna api converter updated with newest wwgreader dll (as in v2 converters)

Call Analyzer - - 14-10-2007
- change FileInfo.TypeName from char* to AnsiString to avoid overflow
- change max number of specs from 75 to 100
- change max links per spec from 30 to 40
- acterna api converter updated with newest wwgreader dll (as in v2 converters)

Call Analyzer - 14-10-2007
- do not use login when connecting to embedded my sql to view CDR's
- in MySql mode, View CDR form has new export function to write complete DB tabe
as CSV to text file (using query : SELECT * INTO OUTFILE)
- after scan, working directory has text file 'TableCreationQueries.txt'
which contains all queries needed to create all DB tables
- Ocean frames may sometimes exceed 8192 bytes. apply max cap to those frames
- wrong message length after transpose leads to exceed error during message decoding
- in class TimeStamp, use _daylight when converting with mktime()
- DB Name for MySql will be checked more strictly. all characters must be alphanumeric
or will be converted to '_'

Call Analyzer - 03.07.2007
- during startup, CA writes handle of main window to registry
- detection of running CA instance done via the registry entry
- use cmdline option "-multiple" if above handle prevents restart after CA has crashed
- incorrect unfreeze in file merger
- MultipleFileScanMode (scanning of more than one file)
in cmdline mode, CA can be put to sleep and woken up with new record file
command line parameters :

first call : CallAnalyzer.exe recfile1 -CDR -sleep5 ..... (other parameters)
next call : CallAnalyzer.exe recfile2 -wakeup -sleep
next call : CallAnalyzer.exe recfile3 -wakeup -sleep
last call : CallAnalyzer.exe recfileN -wakeup

in first call, sleep parameter can include a timeout value (in minutes) to
interrupt sleep mode in case of missing wakeup

in MultipleFileScanMode mode, all linknumbers will be replaced by the protocol index
and frame numbers will be updated according to max frame number of previous files

prescan, link to SPC assignments, OPC filter, offlinbe flow database, flow filter function etc.
should not be used
- when entering sleep mode, CA sends a windows message defined with cmdline
option '-sleepcodeXXX'. the message will be sent to the window handle
defined by cmldine option '-donewindowXXX'. use this message to synchronize
multiple file scanning with calling application
- cmdline option '-RealTimeCdr' used in conjunction with MultipleFileScanMode
to update CDR database with all records which are already spooled to CSV file
this function requires the selection of MySql, Spooling and option 'LOAD DATA INFILE...'
(records are simply copied to the target table without sorting, indexing etc.)
- usage of demo record files is obsolete
- update of setup file not needed after displaying CDR records
- OceanDll : in order to enable multiple instances, name of minute info temp file
is derived from output file name
- version 5.10 of MyDac components to improve performance of MySql DB access
- display of summary tables not always enabled in form ViewCdrRecords
- for embedded MySql, ViewCdrRecords shows all databases, disregarding prefix
- for embedded MySql, ViewCdrRecords has an additional button to delete selected database
- exporting CDR hangs when all CDR's are already spooled and there is no record in memory
- additional trace info to logfile during CDR export
- adjust size of DbGrid in form ViewCdrRecords in MS Access DB mode

Call Analyzer - 08.06.2007
- DB Prefix in MySql mode can be defined in user setup, default = "CA_"
- cmdline parameter '-multiple' to prevent CA from opening an existing window
with the caption 'Call Analyzer'. in future versions this is a precondition
to run CA in multiple instances
- add time stamp to each line of logfile, which can be created in cmdline mode
- in MySql with Spooling and option 'LOAD DATA INFILE...', the spoolfile is
directly written in CSV format (instead of binary) so that the final transfer
to the DB table can be done in one step
- in MyQuery and MyTable component, set FetchAll back to true
possible reason for crashes in recent versions

Call Analyzer - 30.05.2007
- nettest qpa converter can optionally create dummy link config info
- cmdline option for above option is '-AddConfigInfo'
- cmdline option '-NoK12Patch' for above tool is obsolete
- use individual spoolfile for each table, needed for optimization in later versions
- logfile entries (in Auto Cmdline Mode) are written to file in real time
to prevent loss of debug information
- log file to include more debugging info during CDR database creation

 Call Analyzer - 29.03.2007
- ocean merge tool sends failed code if defined in cmdline mode
- new cmdline parameters -FromDateXXX, -FromTimeYYY, -ToDateXXX, -ToTimeYYY
to define time range for which messages should go into result file
all other messages are to be ignored
XXX=number of days after 1.1.1970
YYY=number of seconds after 00:00
- for ocean merger, time range can also be defined in manual mode
- cmdline option -KeepOpen to prevent closing of ocean merger after start via commandline
- remove option 'UseLocalTime' from ocean dll to avoid shift of time during copying
or merging, corresponding menu items are obsolete and will be removed in later version
- in ocean merger, file 1 is not mandatory anymore, i.e. merger can be used to
remove certain frames by copying from file 2 to output file and selecting
suitable time range
- CA sends failed message when crash during scan

Call Analyzer - 27.03.2007
- read_bcd does not pop argument (expr) from data stack

Call Analyzer - 13.03.2007
- wrong query text for creation of Summary tables under MySql
- in decoder, catch read of values longer than 32 bits
- definition of MySql table type in MainSettings.ini
MySqlTableType=MyISAM // or MySqlTableType=InnoDB
default is empty, i.e. same type as defined during installation of MySql
- definition of MaxCdrIndexFields moved from MainSettings.ini to normal user setup
- new option in user setup to define whether 'Frame' should be primary key or not
- new CDR field type 'integer ignore'. it is excluded from summary tables
- widened panels in status bar of main window
- more detailed info in status bar during export of CDR's
- explicit erase of all cells and records when cleaning up CDR elements in memory
- MySql database name based on record file name now without file extension

Call Analyzer - 03.03.2007
- all specs must be recompiled and linked !!!
- predefined variables MessageDate and MessageTime are obsolete
(must be removed from specs MTP and LDAP)
- new option : export messages to database during scanning
select parameters under user setup 'Message DB Export' and activate
to produce two DB tables
1. list of all parameters (if selected for message export) with their internal index
2. list of exported parameters with their message frame number
- memory underrun when tracing decoding with instruction StringToHashValue
- first 2 keywords can not be detected by Scanner in text based decoder
- new instruction for text based decoding 'ScannerSkipToToken x'
where x stands for a token defined under scanner definitions
decoder will walk through the text and stop when the keyword has been found
note, that the string within a larger string may also be detected as a keyword

Call Analyzer - 05.02.2007
- error code returned by CA in commandline mode if scan fails
to be defined with the commandline option
- long decoder instruction 'ascii' and 'asci_7bit' mixed up
- show interval form also shows average delay of flow event in ms with dotted line and right axis
- right click on interval chart opens menu to activiate an additional line with average value
- ignore case for scanner definition for text based specs like SIP
- extend number of allowed steps from 5000 to 12000 during decoding of one short message