Roaming 1.0.20 - 28.03.2008
- Added functions for MAP cancel location and GB GPRS attach

Roaming 1.0.18 - 13.05.2006
- access to MySql database
- position of main form based on owner
- correct counting within of process function
- optional dummy id for unidentified subscribers
- update CA setup file to avoid MSIN mismatch between main table and lup table
- correct minor bugs in lost_cell calculations

Roaming 1.0.17 - 29.06.2005
- wrong column header in query 'IMSI Detach per cell'

Roaming 1.0.16 - 01.10.2004
- all subscribers get a 'dummy id' so that even with unknown MSIN, they can be followed up
- individuyal history also for subscribers without MSIN
- backward processing is mandatory
- MSIN (or dumy id) written to records during backward processing only

Roaming 1.0.15 - 20.08.2003
- avoid initialization of LUP Type filter with duplicated types
- update sw protection