MMS Performance Analysis


The MMS and WAP Analyzer is an ideal tool for MMS performance analysis as well as for troubleshooting MMS services. It includes functions for automatic report generation for user-selected KPIs, plus more in-depth analysis of MMS end-to-end transfer times, success/failure rates and detailed reports concerning failures.

The MMS and WAP Analyzer supports GPRS, UMTS and CDMA networks. 

Overall MMS performance

With the MMS and WAP Analyzer, the user can easily access and verify overall MMS performance, using criteria such as total successes and failures for transferring MMSs.

For use when transfer delays are important, there is also a separate display showing the minimum, maximum and average end-to-end transfer times.

Another key issue concerning how users experience the service is the transfer rate through the network, and there is also a separate display in the MMS and WAP that shows user data transfer rates.

All of the above examples can be analyzed in further detail, for example if the transfer rate is being examined then the MMS and WAP Analyzer can show the transfer time in the network, the transfer time for send or retrieve MMS as well as the setup time for PDP activation.

Detailed MMS analysis

If the overall performance displays indicate problems in the network, each function can be verified in detail in the MMS and WAP Analyzer.

For example, if the MMS performance has to be analyzed for single subscribers, the user can select the IMSI and have all of the above displays shown for that single IMSI as per the example above.

Cumulative transfer times

In order to analyze how large a portion of the MMSs are transferred within a given time, the MMS and WAP Analyzer can show a cumulative delay for all functions related to the transfer of MMSs. The example below shows the percentage of PDP activations that were completed within given time intervals, thus making it easy to verify, for example, whether 90% of all PDP activations are completed within 250 ms.

Other information

The above examples highlight some of the many functions in the MMS and WAP Analyzer. It also includes a broad range of other functions for more in-depth analysis of failure causes, failure distribution, individual transfer times, etc.

These other functions include analysis of quantities of user data transferred for the network or for individual subscribers.

Supported file formats

The MMS and WAP Analyzer is a post-processing tool that supports the following file types:

Other file formats can be implemented upon request.